sunscreen lotion flask in action

$20 and Under Gift Ideas

$20 and Under Gift Ideas

Sunscreen Stealth Flask :Sunscreen Flask

sunscreen flask in action These flasks are the ultimate Secret Santa, or White Elephant gift. Surprise any friend with this hilarious, and creative gift. You’ll be able to get some liquid confidence with you pretty much anywhere you want to go! Pick your’s up here!



Freeze Cups Cooling Pint Glass :

Freeze cups, Cooling pint glass

Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks with the Beer FREEZE! Jst pop it in the freezer, pour and enjoy. No need to plan in advance and chill your drinks for hours beforehand. The Beer FREEZE is ready when you are. Perfect for any hot day, or just breaking open a 6 pack with your friends.

Inside the BPA free plastic walls of HOST® Beer FREEZE Cooling Cup lies our proprietary cooling gel. This gel was precisely engineered in house to keep any beer the perfect temperature for hours. Each glass is constructed with an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling. Get your’s here!

Chill Cooling Pour Spout:

Cool, pour and preserve with the CHILL. Just pour the first glass, insert the cooling pour spout and enjoy perfectly chilled wine! After just two hours in the freezer, your CHILL is ready to do the hard work for you.
Cooling gel perfectly chills wine. Drip free pour spout, and an air tight seal to stop and preserve wine.

chill spout in action

Buy a Chill Cooling Pour Spout for your next party or event today!

Decanter Tags:

decanter tag boxTags on Decanter

Bowed to rest flush against bottles and decanters, with knotted leather ties to hang by, each of our four polished decanter tags is imprinted with block letters denoting gin, vodka, bourbon and Scotch. These metal and leather tags add a great sophisticated look to anyone’s bar collection.

Perfect gift material, pick up a set for you or a friend today!

Wine Bottle Candelabras:

Chateau Wine Bottle CandelabraCountry Cottage Shabby Chic CandelabraBoulevard 3 Votive Wine Bottle Candelabra


Not only are these beautiful Candelabras useful candle holders, but also recycle wine bottles, creating unique home décor pieces! With multiple designs and colorways to choose from, you can find the perfect one to suit your homes style. They can accommodate anywhere from 3 to 5 candles, and are made from durable metal. The simple yet elegant, Boulevard 3 votive, to the chic, and rustic Chateau model allow for any homes style to be accommodated for! Here are our top 3 choices for you right here!

  1. Boulevard 3 Votive Wine Bottle Candelabra
  2. Chateau Wine Bottle Candelabra
  3. Country Cottage Shabby Chic Candelabra 









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