Manhattan 3 piece barware set

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Unique Gifts $50 and Under!

Looking for a cool, unique gift that will excite even the most particular people! Here are some of our favorite items we personally selected to show off! All these great gifts will be Under $50.

Perfect ideas for someone you want to impress, but wont break the bank!

Cutting Board Sets:

Here are some of our top picks of cutting boards for this category! Be sure to check these and the rest of our great selection on our store site.

Carnaval cutting boardCarnaval Cheese Board:

Unfold the beautiful bamboo case to reveal a cutting board and four stainless steel cheese tools with multi-colored handles inside. The color and rich beauty of the Carnaval will help set the mood for your festive party. Compact and fully-enclosed, the Carnaval travels well when the party is away from home.

Get your Carnaval Cheese Board Here! 


Acacia Circo Cutting Board:Acacia Circo img3

This is the revamped version of one of our most popular cutting boards. Utilizing the stronger dark wood of the Acacia tree, allows for much longer usage length of the actual cutting board.

The Acacia – Circo is a circular cheese/cutting board with four full-tang stainless steel cheese tools with wood handles. The swivel top perfectly stores the cheese tools so they are always available when you need them. Great for parties on the go or enjoying some brie at home.

Acacia Ciro Cutting Board

Acacia Circo Cutting board img 2


Check out the Circo Cutting Board, as well as some of our other unique and stylish cutting boards on our site.

Manhattan 3 Piece Barware Set:

Manhattan 3 piece barware set in box imgManhattan 3 piece barware set

Where other bar tool-kits overwhelm with extraneous specialized tools, the Manhattan 3-piece Bar-ware Set streamlines your collection with a stainless steel cocktail shaker, double jigger and Hawthorne-style strainer. Together they’re all you need for drinks as time-honored as the one this trio is named for. Finished in a scratch resistant rubber coating. The matte black set, is a great addition to any unique, modern style space.

Pick yours up here!

Wine Bottle Holders:

Playful Pup Bottle Holder       Tipsy Tiger Bottle HolderRetro Truck Bottle Holder

These fantastic bottle holders will spark conversation at any party, be a hilarious home decor center piece, or simply remind you of a beloved pet! We offer a range of fun and creative wine bottle holders. From tigers and bears, to cars and chains anyone’s style can be complemented with our phenomenal selection!

Here are some of our most popular, to get your search started:

Tipsy Tiger Bottle Holder                                    – Magic Chain Bottle Holder

Playful Pup Bottle Holder                                    – Frisky Cub Bottle Holder

Retro truck Bottle Holder                                   –Baseball Player Bottle Holder



Check out our amazing selection of Decanters and Carafes. Here are two of our favorites for this category, but be sure to check out our other Beautiful Decanters and Carafes on our store site!

crystal cut liqour decanterCrystal Cut Liquor Decanter:

Crystal-clear cross hatched glass encases 30 ounces of fine wine or radiant liquor in a glittering rectangular decanter meant to display your finest spirits with elegant style. This decanter makes a perfect gift for anyone developing a home bar collection. The interesting hatched glass design can be paired with many different décor styles in ones home.

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Raye Faceted Crystal Decanter:

Raye faceted crystal img 2

Raye Faceted Lead Free Crystal Decanter

splitting off from a star-shaped base, ten trigonometrical sides make our poly-faceted crystal decanter uncommonly captivating. With each face sending prismatic light in splintered rays through your liquor, the shape itself rounds out smoothly as it reaches the neck of the vessel for an even, steady pour.

Get a Faceted Crystal Decanter today!



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