This is a day in the life with me, Jameson! Just as I was settling into my nap, I heard the jingle of a cat toy. My ears perked up, and I looked over to see one of the Chicago Bar Store employees holding a feather wand toy. I bounded over to her, eager to play.

We spent the next few minutes batting the toy back and forth, jumping and pouncing as if we were both kittens. It was so much fun, and I felt grateful for the playful break in my day.

Later on, a group of kids came into the store with their parents. They spotted me lounging on my cushion and squealed with delight. “Look, a cat!” they shouted, running over to pet me. I purred contentedly as they stroked my fur and giggled at my antics.

The employees smiled at the children and chatted with their parents about their bar supply needs. They even offered the kids some complimentary soda pop from the fridge. As the children sipped their drinks, I rubbed against their legs, happy to be the center of attention.

Closing time

As the day drew to a close, the humans gathered their things and prepared to lock up the store. I followed them as they counted the cash register and made sure everything was in its proper place. It was always reassuring to see them take such good care of the store and its contents.

Finally, it was time to head back to my post with my brother Jinx. I jumped up onto the chair and watched as they turned off the lights and locked the door for closing.

As we climbed our cat chateau, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for another wonderful day in the bar supply store. Being a cat in a store might seem like an odd life, but for me, it was the perfect balance of play, rest, and interaction. I knew I’d be ready for another fun day tomorrow. Follow me on instagram for my daily adventures!

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