A Few Classic Essentials For the Bartender!

Here is a selection of tools, accessories, and more for all the great Chicago bartenders, sommeliers, and waiters out there! Nothing fancy, just the classic and essential Chicago bar tools used daily to serve up the best!

First up we will be featuring the 3 essential strainers behind any successful bar:

Hawthorne Strainer:
Our Hawthorne-style stainless steel strainer makes quick clean work of everything from Martinis to Manhattans. A double-pronged rim and tight-wound spring catch muddled fruit, ice and herbs. Dishwasher safe Spring removes for easy cleaning. Get your Stainless Steel Hawthorne Strainer here!

Julep Strainer: Traditionally, the julep strainer is used when straining a cocktail from a mixing glass, and the Hawthorne when straining from a mixing tin. Get yours Stainless Steel Julep Strainer Here!

Cone Strainer:
Sized to fit mixing glasses of any capacity;our professional grade stainless steel cocktail cone separates liquor and liquid from their dregs in a flash. Accommodates a full drink in a single pour – as all cocktail cones should. Get your Stainless Steel Cone Strainer here!

Next up we will be presenting you with your standard shaker, boston shaker, and mixing glasses:

Cocktail Shaker: A cocktail shaker is a device used to mix beverages by shaking. When ice is put in the shaker this allows for a quicker cooling of the drink before serving. Choose from a variety of sizes and multiple metals for your standard Stainless Steel Cocktail Shakers!

Boston Shaker/Shaker Tins:
This two-piece shaker mixes wicked good cocktails. With the 28-ounce tin and 12-ounce mixing glass combo, you can shake or stir, then strain and enjoy. Choose From a selection of different shaker tins, or go with one of our classic Boston Shaker Sets! Check them out at our showroom or shop online here!

Mixing Glass:
Designed and sized for expert bartending, our professional grade mixing glasses accommodate one to four drinks depending on the size you choose. Features a thickset base, precision pour spout and durable lead-free crystal walls. Purchase one of our Stunning Mixing Glasses here!

Now lets take a look at the remaining essentials for your cocktail crafting collection!

Bar Spoons: From weighted, to trident we have many different types and lengths of bar spoons! Choose from our wide array of Various Bar Spoons here, or come shop at our Chicago Showroom!

Black and Tan Layering spoon: These unique spoons are traditionally used to layer a stout and a lager or pale ale. There are many variations of the black and tan, and mixologists are now using them to layer cocktails as well! Get your Layering Spoon here!

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