photo of Old Kentucky home Hammered Copper Bar Set

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Today we are featuring an exquisite and unique array of Copper Products. Copper bar items are not only trending right now, but look great with any type of home’s style! From mugs to bar tools, we have selected our top picks this season for you to check out!


photo of Old Kentucky home Hammered Copper Bar Set

Old Kentucky Home Hamerred Bar Set:

A hammered surface and gleaming copper finish draw light to this exquisite classic cocktail shaker and two matching Moscow mule mugs. The three-piece set is a gorgeous accent in any kitchen or atop any bar cart.

Get your Hammered Copper Bar Set Here!

Makes a Great Gift for any occasion! Including one for yourself!



photo of Vintage Look Copper Plated Mule Mug

Vintage Style Copper Mule Mug:

With brightly polished sides and an eye-catching golden handle, this copper-clad cocktail mug holds 16 ounces of one’s cocktail of choice. Filled with a chilled beverage, the exterior of the vessel glistens refreshingly frosty in the afternoon sunlight.

Make Moscow Mules in these awesome mugs  for your next party! All your friends will be asking “where you got the great Mule Mugs at!”

Right Here —-> Vintage Style Copper Mule Mug


photo of Copper Rim Coupette Glasses

Copper Rim Crystal Coupe Set:

Sip champagne in a decidedly decadent fashion. Perfect for a champagne date with your special someone!

Reputed to have a strong association with the likes of Marie Antoinette and prohibition-era indulgence, these copper-rimmed coupes are a charming throwback to old-fashioned elegance and persevering refinement.

Purchase your set of the beautiful Copper Rim Coupes today!


Copper Strainers:


photo of summit copper Hawthorne strainer

Hawthorne Strainer:

An unobtrusive flat handle, broad face and tightly coiled spring define our professional-grade copper Hawthorne strainer, while two symmetrical sets of perforations provide the bonus of making split pours second nature.

Copper Hawthorne Strainer



Julep Strainer:photo of copper julep strainer

Cast in stainless steel with a striking copper finish, this tool features uniform perforation across a bowl perfectly sized to fit standard and large mixing glasses.

A classic bar tool, with a beautiful copper shine!

Copper Julep Strainer



photo of copper coasters

Hammered Copper Coasters:

Flat-cut circles of radiant copper are rent by powerful blows resulting in a glittering set of four hammered coasters. Backed with black velvet, each one captures light anywhere from a dark wood desk to a fireside coffee table.

Serve drinks on these Hammered Copper Coasters at your next party for a truly unique, and eye-catching touch!




Copper Stemless Wine Glasses:photo of Summit copper stemless wine glasses

Savor Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay from an eye-catching pair of stemless copper tumblers. Each polished and perfectly rounded to fit the curve of your palm, these mirror-finished metal glasses collect and intensify the aromas of your drink for an appetizing taste every time.

Purchase a set of the understated, luxurious Copper Stemless Wine Glasses to add a pop to your drink ware!


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