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Bar Tool – Top Picks!


Are you creating an extravagant full sized home bar set up, or simply developing a nice Bar tool collection? Be confident and able to show off a stylish, high quality Collection!  Check out some of our top selection’s on today’s most coveted Bar tools!

Everything from Jiggers to Shakers. We will be previewing the top picks here but be sure to check out the rest of our amazing selection on our Store Website!

Cocktail Shakers:


Gunmetal Black Heavyweight Cocktail ShakerHeavyweight Gunmetal Black Cocktail Shaker:

Our essential heavyweight cobbler shaker is a carefully crafted matter of heft, balance and contour combined with utter precision in functionality. The signature heavyweight model comes in Gold, stainless steel, and silver finish as well. Pick A Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker that fits your style just right!

Designed exclusively by professionals for professionals, this substantial Gunmetal Black Tool is the cornerstone of any professional bar set. Accommodates 500 ml (17oz) Comfortably. Stainless Steel Construction, Gunmetal Black Finish.


Cocktail Shaker by Host:cocktail shaker by host in action

Shake things up with this cocktail crafting power house. This Shaker delivers form and function with a built in juicer, strainer, jigger, and bottle opener all in one stylish package. Fcocktail shaker by hostlip the straining cap upside down to juice directly into the shaker body, or attach the juicer to the jigger cap for a more precise measurement.

18 oz cocktail shaker with ounce and millimeter markings, the jigger also has ounce and millimeter markings. Get this incredibly functional Cocktail Shaker on right here!




Belmont Large Japanese Style Gold “Makoto” Jigger:

Belmont Large Japanese Style Gold “Makoto” Jigger

Cast in lustrous gold with a band that separates its one- and two- ounce sections, the interior of each side of our professional japenese-style double jigger is scored with pinpoint mixology measurements (1.5, 0.75, and 0.5 ounces) 1 ounce and 2 ounce sides.

Belmont Large Japanese Style Gold “Makoto” Jigger in boxGet the essential, Bemont Large Japanese Style Gold “Makoto” Jigger today!




Warren Gunmetal Black Canterbury Jigger:

Warren Gunmetal Black Canterbury JiggerThis rounded gunmetal black double jigger, a throwback to post-prohibition that sets an unparalleled standard for bar carts and bartenders alike. A slender hourglass frame, with inner rings marking accurate measured pours up to 2 ounces. Stainless steel construction with Polished Gunmetal Black Plating.

Purchase the state of the art Gunmetal Black Canterbury Jigger right here!





Belmont Rose Gold Julep Strainer:belmont gold julep strainer

A bar essential as iconic as its eponymous drink, our professional-grade julep strainer is intrinsic to any finished bar set. Cast in stainless steel with a glittering gold finish, this tool features uniform perforation across a bowl perfectly sized to fit standard and large mixing glasses.

Check out this Rose Gold Julep Strainer, as well as other awesome Julep strainers!


Gunmetal Black Hawtorne Strainer


Gunmetal Black Hawthorne Strainer:

An unobtrusive flat handle, broad face and tightly coiled spring define our professional-grade copper Hawthorne strainer, while two symmetrical sets of perforations provide the bonus of making split pours second hand nature. Pick up the Gunmetal Black Hawthorne Strainer or take a look at our other Great Strainers on store website.





Bar Spoons:

Professional Stainless Steel Trident Bar Spoon:stainless steel trident barspoon

Designed for quickest and smoothest stirring, our trident bar spoon spins its way from a smoothly concave spoon bowl to a forked tip at the stems far end. An aesthetic not to the nautical, the trident also works for spearing the perfect garnish to cap your drink. Stainless steel construction, with a twirled center.  Get this great Stainless Steel Trident Bar spoon here!

Belmont gold muddler barspoon



Gold Muddler Bar spoon:

Designed with our gleaming gold plating, this muddler bar spoon twists its way from a concave spoon bowl along a 40 centimeter stem to end in a strong perfectly flat muddler base. Precisely balanced for effortlessly adept mixology. Stainless steel construction, with gold plating, professional grade. Pick up this essential Muddler Bar spoon here, be sure to look at our other great Bar Spoons as well!




Not exactly a Bar Spoon but definitely an essential bar tool for any avid beer drinker.

The Sunder Black and Tan Layering Tool:

Separate the professional beer enthusiasts from the amateurs with our classic take on the black and tan layering tool. Manufactured to accommodate most pint glass styles, this dual-Sunder Black and Tan Layering Tool in usefunction appliance is a must for any well-equipped bar.

Sunder Black and Tan Layering Tool

Be sure to get this awesome Black and Tan Layering Tool from our website to complete your one of a kind beer collection!
















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