photo of Warren Gunmetal Black Canterbury Jigger

Exploring Jiggers of All Types

Exploring Different Types of Jiggers

Today’s post contains Jiggers of All Types! With the craft cocktail trend in full steam right now, unique and high quality jiggers are highly coveted among bartenders and liquor connoisseurs. Here is a selection of our favorite jiggers. Broken down to three sections, functional, design savvy, and quirky.

Up first we have our top picks for Functional Jiggers category:


photo of Belmont Large Japanese Style Gold “Makoto” Jigger

Japanese “Makoto” Style Jiggers:photo of stainless steel makoto jigger in use

Cast in stainless, copper, and gold, with a band that separates its one- and two-ounce sections, the interior of each side of our professional Japanese-style double jigger is scored with pinpoint mixology measurements.

(1.5, 0.75 and 0.5 ounces).

Check out our Makoto Jiggers Here!


photo of angled jigger side viewOXO Angled Jigger:

The Angled Measuring Jigger allows you to view measurement markings while looking straight down into it, so you don’t have to hold it up to eye level or bend down to read markings on the side.

Also includes ounces and tablespoon measuring marks.

Purchase one of these useful OXO Angled Jiggers here!



photo of vista double jigger liquid

Vista Double Jigger:

This Jigger is fun and functional.

Easy to use as well! Never pour an imperfect drink again.

The Vista Double Jigger jigger allows for viewing the liquid level, in jigger ,for the most accurate measurements.

Get the unique Vista Double Jigger for your next cocktail party!




Next Category is our favorite Design Savvy Jiggers: 

Canterbury Jigger Series: Create cocktails and other refreshments with this rounded copper-clad double jigger, a throwback to post-Prohibition that sets an unparalleled standard for bar carts and bartenders alike. A slender hourglass frame makes mixing spirits a breeze, while inner rings mark the perfect pour.

photo of canterbury jigger silverphoto of Warren Gunmetal Black Canterbury Jiggerphoto of canterbury jigger gold

Check out the full Canterbury Style Series on our site!

photo of faceted double jigger


Apex Faceted Gold Double Jigger:

The intricate angles and brightly covered gold over durable stainless steel, make this unique Jigger a staple for anyone’s bar-ware collection!

Similar to the Japanese “Makoto” Jigger, were savvy design meets great functionality!

With 1/2 oz and 1 1/2 oz measuring capablity

Purchase the ultra chic, Apex Faceted Gold Double Jigger here!



The Matte Modern Jigger Series: Durable stainless steel bar-ware meets a handsome modern design in this cylindrical double jigger. Brushed matte shades with a deep groove wreathing the center is laser-etched, creating accurate 1- and 2-oz measurements. Check out the incredible Matte Modern Series here!

photo of matte modern gold jiggerphoto of matte modern silver jiggerphoto of matte modern copper jigger


Last but not least we have our Fun and Funky Jiggers section:

photo of rainbow fish jiggerphoto of rainbow fish jigger in action


Rainbow Fish Jigger:

Fixing yourself a fancy drink is swimmingly easy with this Rainbow Fish jigger.

You won’t find yourself floundering ever again with this colorful jigger!

1 and 1.5 oz capacity with rainbow electroplated ceramic!

Get this cool, Rainbow Fish Jigger! Makes a fun, unique gift!



photo of top shot jigger Top Shot Jigger:

The perfect drink tool made for celebrating a win! Whether you scored the winning goal in a soccer match, or crushed your opponents in a heated chess tournament, this Top Shot Jigger will be the perfect way to serve yourself a celebratory drink!

Has marks for 1/2 oz and 1 oz measurements.

Get the Top Shot Jigger for your next WIN here!




photo of wood banded jiggerWood Banded Jigger:

The unique and stylish Wood Banded Jigger combines the functionality of a professional-grade bar tool with the richly textured grain of stained teak. A modern stainless steel design and completes the ensemble, guaranteeing the perfect sip every time. Perfect for any occasion!

Purchase the timeless Wood Banded Jigger here.





photo of remix double jigger in actionRemix Double Jigger:

If your a quick paced bar tender at the hottest club in Chicago or your simply making cocktails at home, the Remix Double Jigger is a great addition to anyone’s bar tool collection! Its smooth interior ring allows you to spin like a pro while the silicone grip provides maximum comfort!

Check out the Remix Double Jigger here!

photo of remix double jigger with drink



Be sure to check out all of our other awesome bar-ware stuff on our Full Store Website too!













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