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Great Beer Items For Any True Ale Connoisseur

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Whether your looking for Gifts, or additions  for you own collection. The selection we are bringing today offers a range of interesting, and high quality and all around great beer items! The perfect gifts for Dad or your friends birthday! 

Fun Fact: In Mesopotamia, early evidence of beer is a 3900-year-old Sumerian poem honoring Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing, which contains the oldest surviving beer recipe, describing the production of beer from barley via bread!


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Freeze Cooling Pint Glasses:

Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks with the Beer FREEZE! Just pop it in the freezer, pour and enjoy. No need to pre-plan and chill your drinks for hours beforehand. The Beer FREEZE is ready when you are.
For a frosty brew, freeze HOST® Beer FREEZE Cooling Cup for at least two hours to keep your drink between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit.
Inside the BPA free plastic walls of HOST® Beer FREEZE Cooling Cup lies our proprietary cooling gel. This gel was precisely engineered in house to keep any beer the perfect temperature for hours.

Pick up some of these ingenious Freeze Cooling Pints for your next summer bbq!

Speigelau Craft Varietal Tasting Kit of 4


Speigelau Craft Varietal Tasting Kit (4 Piece)

An expert tasting panel made up of master brewers and industry professionals have approved Spiegelau beer glasses. any true beer connoisseur will dub this a great beer item!

The custom shapes successfully deliver complex aromas, and enhance the texture, balance and flavor of your favorite beers.

Purchase this unique Craft Beer Tasting Set here!


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Acacia Wood Beer Caddy:

Quit lugging perfectly good beer around in terrible cardboard carriers: get our durable wood six-pack caddy instead and hit the road ready for anything.

It’s even got a bottle opener built into the side, so you can quit trying to pry caps off with odd objects when you forget your opener at home.

Pick up this unique Acacia Wood Beer Caddy for your next bbq or night out with friends!


Photo of Brewopoly Board Game

Are you a Pilsner person, a lager lover, a brown ale girl, a stout fellow, or is wheat your treat? Whatever your pleasure, from New Belgium’s Fat Tire to Big Sky’s Moose Drool, our nations award winning microbreweries produce some of the best and tastiest brews around.

In Brew-opoly, buy or trade for your favorite beers and increase property value by purchasing Brews and Kegs for your monopolies.

Get the Brew-opoly Board Game for your next party and it will be sure to excite!

photo of american lager kit

American Lager Complete Home Brewing Kit:

Mr. Beer American Lager Starter Kit includes a 2 gallon fermenter, brewing ingredients, 8 reusable plastic bottles, a beer guide and instructions. This kit includes everything you need to brew one 2-gallon batch of Classic American beer.

The ultimate way to start your quest in home brewing! In no time you’ll be openeing your own brewery!.. or maybe just sipping your own brews with friends! Either way this product is great gift or addition for any beer lover!

Purchase the Mr Beer American Complete Home Brewing Kit here!


Photo of Frost Bite Growler Tote

Frostbite Growler Tote:

Last but not least this genius growler holder! Now you can take your growler anywhere while keeping your beer, ice cold.

This sturdy neoprene case zips securely around most standard growlers to protect and insulate your beer. Perfect for taking your favorite brew on a hiking journey through the forest, or simply keeping your growler chilled while barbecuing with friends!

The Frostbite Growler Tote is essential for all you adventurous beer connoisseurs out there!



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