Gunmetal Black Series

Gunmetal Black Series

Today we are presenting a series of Gunmetal Black Bar Tools. These sleek, durable tools are a staple for any modern bar collection! Step out from the common stainless steel or copper bar tool arena, into the cool, unique Gunmetal Series.


photo of Warren Gunmetal Black Heavyweight Cocktail ShakerGunmetal Black Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker:

Our essential heavyweight cobbler shaker is a carefully crafted matter of heft, balance and contour combined with utter precision in functionality.

Designed exclusively by professionals for professionals, this substantial gunmetal black tool is the cornerstone of any professional bar set.

Take a a look at the essential Gunmetal Black Heavyweight Cocktail Shakers now!



photo of Warren Gunmetal Black Cocktail Shaker

Gunmetal Black Cocktail Shaker:

The other version of Shaker in the gunmetal black series.

Shake up your bar collection with our 25-ounce contoured gunmetal black version of a classic French-style shaker. Stylish and versatile, this shaker is a classic with modern touch!

Get this lustrous Gunmetal Black Shaker today!




Gunmetal Black Hawthorne Strainer:photo of Warren Gunmetal Black Hawthorne Strainer

An unobtrusive flat handle, broad face and tightly coiled spring define our professional-grade Hawthorne strainer, while two symmetrical sets of perforations provide the bonus of making split pours second nature.

Fits large and Small mixing glasses

Purchase the Gunmetal Black Hawthorne Strainer for your next cocktail party!



photo of Warren Gunmetal Black Flask


Gunmetal Black Flask:

Curious how even the best liquor tastes better from a bright metallic flask.

Plated in brazen gunmetal black, each polished six-ounce vessel is liquid-tight and crowned with a weighty, equally lustrous cap to hold any desired liquor.

Show off this ultra chic, Gunmetal Black Flask at the next event you attend!


Gunmetal Black Canterbury Jigger:photo of Warren Gunmetal Black Canterbury Jigger

Recently featured in our Top-Picks Post for jiggers.

A slender hourglass frame makes mixing spirits a breeze, while inner rings mark the perfect pour.

Create cocktails and other refreshments with this rounded gunmetal black double jigger, a throwback to post-Prohibition that sets an unparalleled standard for bar carts and bartenders alike.

Check out the unique, design savvy Gunmetal Black Canterbury Jigger here!


photo of Warren Gunmetal Black Champagne Puller

Gunmetal Black Champagne Puller:

Pop the cork on your best bubbly with a powerful gunmetal black-finished champagne puller. Don’t Go to your next celebration without this staple bar tool!

Designed with a dual-lever grip to maximize your strength and control of the cork!

Purchase the revamped, classic, Gunmetal Black Champagne Puller here!



photo of gunmetal black trident bar spoon


Gunmetal Black Trident Bar Spoon:

Designed for the quickest swizzling and stirring, our gunmetal black trident bar spoon spins its way from a smoothly concave spoon bowl to a forked tip at the stems far end.

An aesthetic nod to the nautical, the trident also works for spearing the perfect garnish to cap your drink.

Get one of our essential Gunmetal Black Trident Bar Spoons here!


















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