Make Ritual Spirit Alternatives YOUR Alternative Ritual!

While Seedlip remains the best-selling brand of non-alcoholic spirits in the United States, local Chicago company Ritual continues making waves with their line of liquor alternatives. They offer three different takes on some classic bar regulars- a zero-proof gin, whiskey, and tequila. Now aren’t these just flavored waters, you ask? While these are jam packed with the flavor and aromas of your favorite spirit, they also use a special concoction of natural botanicals that give a Ritual Alternative Spirit a kick to mimic a liquor’s burn. This is an effect they achieved more than 500 different recipes in the making!

These alternatives are perfect for those cocktail enthusiasts looking for a lower ABV drink, pregnant mothers-to-be, or anyone looking to cut back on the quarantine calories without sacrificing quality or taste!

We recommend the zero-proof Maple Brown Sugar Old Fashioned for an warming end-of-Wintery cocktail to cozy up the the fireplace with.


1 tsp Brown Sugar

Ritual Zero-Proof Whiskey Alternative

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

2 dashes Orange Bitter

Dash of Maple Syrup


1 Orange

1 Cherry

Cinnamon Stick

Combine sugar, bitters, syrup, cherry, with 1-1.5 oz of Ritual Whiskey Alternative and muddle well. Add 1 large ice cube/sphere or a few whiskey stones. Float 1 oz of Ritual Whiskey Alternative on top, and garnish with a twist of orange and a stir with cinnamon stick.

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