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Must Have’s For Hosting The Best Thanksgiving

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History Blast: Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among almost all religions after harvests and at other times. The Thanksgiving holiday’s history in North America is rooted in English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation. It also has aspects of a harvest festival, even though the harvest in New England occurs well before the late-November date on which the modern Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated.

-Beautiful Wood Serving Boards-

photo of Regalio Cheese Board Displayed With Food

Regalio Cheese Board:

One of our best selling cheese boards by far, this unique serving board comes with a hidden pull out tool drawer at the base and three separate tiers for all your appetizer and snack needs! Put this on display at Thanksgiving for the ultimate appetizer selection.

It’s made of eco-friendly rubberwood, a hardwood that’s known for its durability and beautiful grain.

Purchase the Regalio Cheese Board here!


Photo of concavo cheese board

Concavo Cheese Serving Board:

The Concavo cutting board and cheese tools set is compact and sleek. The surface of the board is slightly sunken in the center, giving it form and function. It includes three cheese tools, three porcelain cheese markers, and a wet erase pen. Use the Concavo whenever you serve a cheese assortment at your parties and get-togethers and get the conversation started!

Get the sleek Concavo Cheese Board here!


photo of reserve wine cheese board

Reserve Wood Serving Board:

The Reserve is a glass-topped cheese board that can also be used as a serving tray. The glass top makes this board especially fun. Just add handmade signs, photos, or intact labels removed from your favorite bottle of wine under the glass top. Perfect for appetizers at parties or snacks for the family, bring this out at Thanksgiving for a unique and beautiful touch.

Take a look at the Reserve Wood Serving Board here!


-Unique Decanters and Drinkware for the Holidays-


Photo of L'grand conundrum decanter

L’Grand Conundrum Wine Aerator Decanter:

Not only is this decanter stylish and modern but functional as well! Pouring in or out, the curves of this decanter gently disperse the wine providing superior aeration & oxygenation.

Put the Conundrum Decanter as a center piece for a dinner and it will surely stir up conversation and interest.

Check out the ridiculously cool  L’Grand Conundrum Wine Aerator Decanter here!

Photo of studded glass decanter

Raye Studded Glass Decanter:

Crafted from exquisite, premium-quality glass, this decanter offers superior serving and display. Its standout features include unique studded sides and a matching stopper. A quality decanter renders wines and spirits alike as satisfying to look at as they are to drink. This classic design is a perfect liquor or wine presenter for almost any occasion, particularly Thanksgiving!

Purchase the elegant Studded Glass Decanter now!


Photo of Traditional Handled DecanterTraditional Handled Glass Wine Decanter:

Traditional yet modern, this unusual shaped Decanter makes a great functional Decanter for all your soiree needs. Easy to transport and pour, serving your guests in style has never been better!

Crafted from incredibly high quality glass, this Decanter is versatile in the style of home or location it can go well with.

Check out the Traditional Handled Glass Wine Decanter here!

Spiegelau 13oz Perfect D.O.F Glass (Set of 4):Photo of D.O.F Glasses Set of 4

These classic glasses are perfect for any occasion from drinking fine cocktails with friends to hosting a sophisticated holiday soiree.

Between the perfectly balanced size and weight, and unique refraction you can guarantee your guests will be amazed with the brilliant quality and cuts of these beautiful glasses. Perfect for all your classic drinks like Negronis, Sazeracs or Manhattans!

Pick up a set of the exquisite 13oz Perfect D.O.F Glasses today.

Photo of 8.5oz Willsberger Champagne Glass

Willsberger 8.5 Oz Champagne Glasses Set of 4:

The Spiegelau Willsberger Anniversary collection is inspired by a hand-blown range meticulously crafted for over 30 years. These radiant champagne glasses have a slight angled top, creating a unique more stylized look. Bring these out for your Thanksgiving toast and your guests will surely be impressed.

The modern yet delicate shape crafted from non-leaded crystal, creates a truly beautiful champagne glass. Check out this and the other Willsberger glasses on our website to complete your collection!

Purchase the Willsberger 8.5 oz Champagne Glasses Set of 4 here!



Nick and Nora Crystal Glass Set of 2:

The Nick & Nora has enjoyed an illustrious history since its emergence in the cocktail kingdom. Brought into

Photo of Nick and Nora Glasses with Cocktail

popularity from classic Hollywood Cinema, and recreated with a sophisticated modern touch.

These are an amazing alternative to your standard martini or coupe glasses. Crafted from lead free crystal, these elegant little glasses are a must have!

Take a look at the Set of 2 Nick and Nora Glasses here!



-Unique and Fun Table Top Items-

Photo of wood metallic dipped coasters 2

Old Kentucky Home Metallic Dipped Coaster Set:

Each of these angled acacia wood square coasters have been dipped to create a beautifully contrasting wood and copper coaster.

Modern yet rustic, these are perfect for a lovely family Thanksgiving dinner, or a round of cocktails for your friends!

Purchase your set of the beautiful Acacia Wood Metallic Coasters here!

Photo of Belmont hammered brass coaster with drink

Hammered Brass Coaster Set of 4:

Perfectly cut brass circles, hit with many powerful blows creating a radiant shimmering design. A perfect touch of shine and sparkle for the cold winter coming. Great for the holiday dinners and soirees to come.

This set of 4 is an amazing addition to your home collection but will also make a phenomenal gift pack for any drink connoisseur this Christmas season!

Get your set of the Hammered Brass Coasters Here!

Photo of belmont gold plated knife set

Belmont Gold Plated Knife Set:

Slice and savor the likes of smoked Gouda, Roquefort and Emmental with a sophisticated set of three mirror-plated gold knives. Pair some delicious cinnamon pears with a fabulous array of cheese for your guests this holiday. Place this exquisite knife set on one of our lovely acacia or bamboo serving boards and your guests will be taken aback with your stylish accessories.

Purchase the Belmont Gold Plated Knife Set here!

photo of holiday slate board

Holiday Slate Board:

Complete your rustic holiday tabletop with a festive evergreen printed slate cheese board. Includes soapstone chalk that can be used to label cheeses, spreads or simply to write a joyous message to your guests! Perfect for any fall or winter holiday soirees!

Take a look at the Holiday slate board here!


















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