13 Piece Silver Cocktail Set


Set Includes: Cocktail Shaker, Hawthorne Strainer, Muddler, Bar Multi-Tool, Julep Spoon, Double Jigger, 2x Speed Pourers, Ice Tongs, Recipe Book, Stainless Steel Straw, Wooden Stand, Gift Box




Elevate your mixology game with this 13 Piece Silver Cocktail Set, a must-have for cocktail enthusiasts and aspiring bartenders alike. This premium set combines sophistication with functionality, featuring high-quality silver-plated tools meticulously crafted for precision and style.

Craft your favorite libations with confidence using the set’s essential tools, including a shaker, strainer, muddler, and jigger. Each piece is designed to enhance the art of cocktail making, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both professionals and home enthusiasts.