Antique Vintage Corkscrew with Handle





If you want the definition of a timeless bar tool, then look no further with this antique vintage style corkscrew with handle. This piece truly is the perfect wine opener because it opens any wine bottle with ease and has a classic look to impress any customer or guest. The 18th century Kings Corkscrew with its dual handle and rustic brushed finish inspired the popular look. What makes this antique corkscrew even better is that it is easy to use. Use the top handle to turn the corkscrew into the cork and turn the side handle to pull the cork up out of the bottle. You won’t find a better looking and effective wine opener then this one-of-a-kind tool.


  • 5.5″ Length
  • 3″ Top Handle Length
  • 2.375″ Side Handle Length
  • Beautiful Antique Finish
  • Vintage 18th Century Design