7 Piece Beer Tasting Set





Taste Variety! This complete beer tasting set allows the enjoyment of tasting multiple beers at once and the ability to choose which you would drink again. Experience beer tasting with this all-in-one set! The helpful beer tasting guide includes information on food pairing, cheese pairing, dessert pairing, serving temperature, glass pairing & steps to tasting beer. Wheat Beer Glass: The narrow center helps to maintain carbonation, while the bulging top allows room for the head. Tulip Glass: This glass is best for strongly flavoured, malty beers. The tulip shape traps the sweet aromatics & maintains a lively head. Porter / Stout Glass: The stem elevates the beer to highlight the dark, rich, colour of porters & stouts. Pilsner Glass: The narrow shape helps to preserve carbonation, capture aroma & maintain the head. Nonic Glass: The glass bulges out at the top which improves grip, adds strength & reduces chipping. Stange Glass: Features a slight taper near the top to concentrate the head & funnel the aroma.

  • Taste Variety! Experience beer tasting with this all-in-one set!
  • Includes 6 tasting glasses: wheat (350mL), tulip (250mL), stout (250mL), pilsner (250mL), nonic (300mL) & stange (300mL).
  • Beer tasting and serving guide included – spin the wheel to select a beer!
  • Each glass features unique¬†characteristics for different types of beer.