Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner Tap Handle


Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner Tap Handle

Condition: Used – Fair

Tall, White tap handle with B logo on top




Elevate your craft beer experience with the Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner tap handle, a towering symbol of bold flavor and expert craftsmanship. Standing tall and commanding attention, this tap handle boasts a sleek and sturdy construction, ensuring a reliable pour every time. At its pinnacle, the iconic Bold Brooklyn B logo takes center stage, a beacon of the borough’s brewing excellence.

Immerse yourself in the crisp and refreshing taste of Brooklyn Pilsner, as the tap handle proudly showcases the beer’s identity with “Brooklyn Pilsner” elegantly displayed vertically around its circumference. With a design that seamlessly blends form and function, this tap handle not only stands out in any bar setting but also guarantees a visually appealing presence that draws patrons to experience the unparalleled quality within each pour. Raise the bar for your beer service with the Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner tap handle, where style meets substance, and every detail reflects the commitment to brewing perfection.