Dehydrated Lime Wheels: Cocktail Garnish


Limes thinly sliced at their height of ripeness, then dehydrated.  Dehydration preserves the fruit until such time that it gets re-hydrated.  So these limes can last forever if kept dry.  A great solution to eliminate waste – how many of us have fallen victim to the dried, unusable lime in our refrigerators?

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Enhance your cocktails with the zesty allure of Dehydrated Lime Wheels, the perfect garnish to elevate your libations. Crafted from premium limes and expertly dehydrated to preserve their vibrant flavor and citrusy tang, these lime wheels add a burst of freshness to any drink. Whether adorning a classic Mojito or a contemporary Margarita, their crisp texture and intense aroma will delight your senses.

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