Elegant Gold Winged Corkscrew


The classic winged corkscrew collides with the contemporary verve of incandescent metallics. Fast and foolproof, this elegant gold winged corkscrew features an on-trend finish, self-centering worm and built-in bottle opener. Simply screw the corkscrew into the bottle top and press down the lever arms to remove the cork in one easy motion.




Discover the epitome of sophistication with this elegant gold winged corkscrew. This exquisite wine opener seamlessly blends functionality and style, featuring a luxurious gold finish and graceful winged design. Crafted with precision and elegance in mind, this corkscrew effortlessly uncorks your favorite bottles, adding a touch of glamour to every celebration. Elevate your wine experience with this stunning accessory that not only opens bottles with ease but also serves as a statement piece for any wine enthusiast or connoisseur.


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