Fizz | 80 Joyful Cocktails and Mocktails for Every Occasion


Bubbles are shortcuts to joyful moments. Whether the fizz comes from champagne or soda; a sparkling drink signals celebration. Fizz is the ultimate guide to introducing more liveliness into your cocktail repertoire. Fizz is here to bring the next level of celebration—with minimal effort. Organized by occasion and purpose, the drinks in Fizz are as gorgeous as they are simple. Spritzes, negronis, and sangria abound, while those looking to expand their drinks horizons will delight in the choices offered. Fizz has a breezy mocktail or a potent punch for everyone, making it easy to turn any day into a celebration.




Indulge your senses with “Fizz: 80 Joyful Cocktails and Mocktails for Every Occasion.” A captivating mixology journey that brings the art of crafting delightful beverages to your fingertips. This curated collection introduces a vibrant array of recipes designed to elevate any occasion.

Unleash your inner bartender with “Fizz,” where each recipe is a celebration of flavor, creativity, and joy. From refreshing concoctions to herbal blends, this book is a treasure trove of inspiration for both seasoned cocktail enthusiasts and those just starting their mixology adventure.

Whatever the occasion, “Fizz” offers a diverse selection of libations to suit every palate. With easy-to-follow instructions, ingredient tips, and beautiful photography, this book transforms the art of mixing drinks into an accessible and enjoyable experience.


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