Secret Flask – Hidden Tampon Flask (set of 5)

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Set of five sneaky secret tampon flasks look just like a real tampon when concealed in their included wrappers. Each tampon flask holds one ounce of your favorite spirit, so the complete set will carry 5oz.

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Need a secret flask for sneaking booze discreetly?

Hidden flask for your next concert or festival where you don’t want to pay fifteen bucks for a cocktail?

Search no more ladies! What security guard is going to mess around with tampons? Each set has five tampons, and each one of those holds 1 ounce of the spirit of your choice. The flasks themselves look kind of like a test tube shot, and each come with a tampon wrapper to keep this covert operation, undercover.

  • Set of 5
  • Holds 1 oz in each tampon flask

How much liquor can you hold inside a tampon flask? These sneaky tampon flasks hold one full ounce of booze in each one. So, this set of 5 will hold five ounces of your favorite libation.