Smoked Cocktail Kit


This smoke rinse method requires no mechanical parts and saves space over bulky alternatives. Since the Smoked Cocktail Set is purpose-built, it’s more efficient than DIY alternatives and fits right into your home bar.

  • Quantity: 5-piece set
  • Material: Black borosilicate glass, matte black silicone, whiskey-soaked oak and charcoal pellets
  • Included: 1 Glass Smoking Stand, 1 Glass Infuser Carafe, 1 Silicone Stopper, 20 Smoking Pellets, 1 Recipe Booklet
  • Care: Hand wash only




Elevate your mixology game with this Smoked Cocktail Kit, a sophisticated and stylish essential for any cocktail enthusiast. Crafted with precision and designed for simplicity, this kit brings the art of smoked cocktails to your home without the need for additional tools. Unleash a world of flavor as you infuse your favorite libations with the rich, smoky essence that sets your creations apart. Immerse yourself in the experience of a finely crafted cocktail, perfectly balanced and enhanced by the subtle nuances of smokiness.


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