photo of conundrum decanter set

The L’Grand Conundrum Decanter Set

The Conundrum series is both functional and stylish. A decanter that aerates the wine while being elegant and sophisticated to remain as a center piece for any dinner soiree is a must for true wine connoisseurs!

Featuring a unique 2 phase aeration process – The first phase occurs upon pouring into the decanter, and the second, pouring into your glasses. Creating an absolutely perfect aeration and oxygenation each and every time.

Photo of L'grand conundrum wine glassThis set not only includes the Conundrum Decanter but 8 wine glasses specifically designed to be paired with it. Bringing yet another level of aeration as well as increased comfort. 

Hand Crafted, and Mouth Blown. these pieces are truly beautiful, comfortable, and highly effective! With 4 Glasses for Red and 4 Glasses for White, you can serve exactly what your guests would like!

Photo of 4 L'grand Conundrum Glasses Red

photo of 4 L'grand Conundrum Glasses White

Purchase your L’Grand Conundrum Decanter and Glass Set here:

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