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A Unique and Striking Selection of Crystal Glassware, You Must Have!

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Crystal Glassware… it’s gorgeous, classy, timeless, and let’s be honest- a beautiful glass even makes our drinks taste better. But what gives crystal glassware that je ne sais quoi? Compared to plain glass, crystal glassware can be made considerably thinner and will generally have a more delicate, faceted, or shiny/sparkling appearance.

Today we are featuring a beautiful and unique selection of crystal glassware for your bar collection!

Gem Crystal Tumbler:Photo of Gem Crystal Glassware Tumblers

Rooted in centuries of Venetian glass making tradition, crystal offers the purest, most elegant drink-ware experience available.

Its perfect clarity coupled with precise lines and faceted angles define our flawlessly crafted Gem Tumbler Glass and unite our crystal glassware collection as a whole.
This Set Includes Two Gem Crystal Tumbler Glasses – Purchase yours online today!



Copper Rim Crystal Coupe Glasses:photo of Copper Rim Coupette Glasses

Sip champagne in a decidedly decadent fashion.

Reputed to have a strong association with the likes of Marie Antoinette and prohibition-era indulgence, these copper-rimmed coupes are a charming throwback to old-fashioned elegance and persevering refinement.

Check out this stunning Copper Rim Crystal Coupe Set here!


Photo of crystal cocktail tumblers

Crystal Cocktail Tumblers:

These pristine, sharp cocktail tumblers are a great addition to anyone’s collection. Perfect for an elegant gift option, or a unique addition to any cocktail enthusiasts selection of glassware!

Versatile and simple, yet indistinguishably excellent. They will have have your guests attention captivated and in conversation.

Get these Crystal Cocktail Tumblers for your collection here!



Photo of crystal faceted champagne glass - crystal glassware


Stemless Crystal Faceted Champagne Glasses:

Splitting off from a star-shaped base, trigonal sides make this polyfaceted crystal champagne flute uncommonly captivating.

With each face sending prismatic light in splintered rays through your sparkling wine, the glass itself rounds out smoothly as it reaches the rim for the perfect sip.

Take a look at the Crystal Faceted Champagne Glasses here!

Learn more about using crystal wine glasses over at Wine Folly, Crystal vs Glass when it comes to wine glasses.


Crystal Pint Glasses:Photo of crystal pint glasses

Sip on your favorite brew with luxurious style! These beautifully crafted crystal pint glasses, not only feel amazing in the hand, but look absolutely stunning!

Featuring a slightly bigger base, allows for a sturdy feel without adding to much bulk to the glass. Matches well with most types of beer, perfect for any soiree, or drinking at home with a few friends!

Pick up a set of these Crystal Pint Glasses for your collection!



photo of angled crystal decanter


Crystal Angled Decanter:

In this radiant, classically styled wine decanter, angular crystal creates a broad base for optimal aeration of one standard bottle, before slanting inward to form a slim pour spout that sends your vintage arcing smoothly into your glass.

This versatile Decanter can match almost any ones home decor style, perfect for serving a lovely bottle at a party or a nice functional center piece for a family dinner!

Purchase your Angled Crystal Decanter here!


photo of heavyweight crystal shot glasses

Heavyweight Crystal Shot Glasses:

This duo of elevated heavyweight shot glasses is carefully crafted from lead-free crystal to hold two ounces apiece of your preferred libation.

Features a polished curving rim and generously-sized base, best used for knocking back beverages. Pair with your favorite liquor and show your guests a truly great time!

Get a set of these simple, yet striking Heavyweight Crystal Shot Glasses!


Next, were going to take crystal to the next level, with the Dipped Series!

Incredibly chic and modern, this series is sure to astound your guests! 


photo of dipped crystal wine glasses

Dipped Crystal Wine Glasses:

Polished copper curves diagonally across the smooth surfaces of this wine glass duo, adding a vestige of metallic intrigue to an already elevated set of glassware. Fashioned from lead-free colored crystal, each tumbler accommodates 16 oz. – making them exquisite containers for your favorite, carefully selected vintage.

Purchase a set of the Dipped Crystal Wine Glasses here!


photo of Dipped crystal Champagne Flutes crystal glassware

Dipped Crystal Champagne Flutes:

This pair of Champagne flutes features the striking dual color metallic dip. Pair this with a range of styles from rustic to modern. The versatility and striking nature of these glasses will surely attract the attention of anyone, perfect for gifts or an addition to ones own collection!

Take a look at the Dipped Crystal Champagne Flute Set here!


Photo of Dipped Crystal Highball Glasses

Dipped Crystal Highball Cocktail Glasses:

With the craft cocktail craze going on now, you need something to set you apart from the rest! These Tinted Crystal Highball Glasses are the epitome of modern style. Featuring the forever-in-style Copper, with a color blocked tone transfer to an almost volcanic ash grey, you really can’t go wrong with this incredibly sophisticated set.

Aquire a set of the Dipped Crystal Highball Cocktail Glasses before there gone!


Fun Fact: Around the year 1500, Venetians discovered a method for producing Cristallo, a transparent clear product. The process took many years to spread throughout the world. By 1600, French and German manufacturing was in full motion.

Germans further improved the product by replacing soda ash with potash and lime creating what is called Bohemian Glass. The English followed by adding lead oxide, creating what we recognize today as traditional crystal with its characteristic sparkle, weight, and ring.



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